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Re: Question re Dodge trucks

In a message dated 10/23/98 5:31:44 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< Could someone who has a Dodge Ram 
 Charger 2500 4wd 3/4 ton w/ Cummins diesel please email me and tell me 
 what they like/don't like about theirs and how much trailer they are 
 hauling. >>

My husband has a 1992 one-ton 4X4 Dodge w/Cummins diesel and he loves it.  He
says there is nothing he can point to that he doesn't like.  It gets about 13
mpg pulling a 20' gooseneck aluminum stock trailer with two horses (total wt.
about 7,000#).  The trailer is outfitted w/living quarters, 45 gal. water
tank, etc.  We prefer a 5-speed stick shift as we live in hilly country and
usually ride in mountainous areas.  The truck gets used on a day to day basis
in his job, on the ranch, and in the woods.  It often is used as a mini
bulldozer as there is virtually no place drivable that my husband won't go.
Usually he lets the woods crew use his pickups after they get about 35,000
miles on them, but he won't let them have this one!

Barbara McCrary

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