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Re: daily selenium dose?

My cut   on the e/se  --again

As susan said, most supplements are far under dosed.
Red cell is costly and Se supplementation is not the main purpose.
I have use it but only when a horse needs a blood builder boost

I recommend mega-sel   you can get for a good price from the low cost
mail orders firms for about $10  per qt, it is a liquid se supplement.
Takes up very fast and I have been using it for years - since my horses
had some cramp type problems and tested low for Se.

After 2 or 3 months on this stuff at 2x dose, the blood Se levels were
mid scale.

I still use it during the ride season, but use the ABC Se/E supplement
(powder) for day to day use. I give the Megasel the week before a known
hard ride. Then I dose the week after also. I use the normal dose.

I use to sell this, but the market was poor.  I will be using the
reamining stock for my own horses (all out of date) but the mfgr said
its still ok.

I also feed 5000iu of vit e the week before a ride and the week after.
I use the ABC Vit E supplement. Cheap Vite may not be as good as a
slightly higher product.

Many times imporved digestion system will help.
I of course recommend the ABC products  and mostly ABC PLUS

It has been reported in studies, that high fat OIL diets will help this
problems also. But then high fat diets will mess with the glycogen
storge process.

Not trying to sell something just for business, but beacause things have
worked with my herd.

Want to talk about 'stuff' email direct-- i get to email when i can

or if you want instant action call.
Roger R
800 655 8629

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