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sponsoring an ambitious junior?

Is anyone out there planning to ride the Carolina 100 at Bethune, SC?
My granddaughter wants to try her first 1 day 100. She has ridden a 2
day 100, she is tough and ambitious, and rides better than some adults.
My horse has been having some health problems. I am trying to get her
past that before trying such a long distance with her. The last couple
of rides I've sponsored my granddaughter for 50, my horse has been
pulled(different symptoms each time). I have had to find her a sponsor
at the vet check so that she could finish.

Christi Johnson wants determinedly to do the Carolina 100. We have
promised her we would help her do it. Now my horse will not make it,
so... If you are willing and able and planning to finish somewhere in
the middle... please let me know.

Thanks,    Lucie Hancock     for
Christi Johnson and Bukkura (Who has already completed six 100s, top
tenned three times) Her horse can make it.

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