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Re: daily selenium dose?

> Does anyone out there know how much selenium a horse should get each
> day? 

The recommended level for working horses is around 1.5 - 2.0 mgs per
day.  Toxicity typically starts around 3.3 mg/kg of body weight, which
is about 1350 mgs/day for a 900 pound horse.  Some horses seem to need
more than 2 mgs a day, which may be the case with your horse.  You could
safely add a vit E/Se supplement without getting into toxic ranges.

You might also consider some additional vitamin E.

Susan G

I have been giving my mare Red Cell as a daily supplement, 2 oz a
> day. Red Cell contains 0.65 mg of selenium per oz. She "mildly" tied up
> six miles into a conditioning ride the other day. I immediately loaded
> her in the trailer and took her to the vet. Her bloodwork shows it was
> mild, no serious damage. We know our soil is selenium deficient. She
> eats local hay and is on pasture 24/7. I give her just enough sweet feed
> to mix the Red cell in.
> My vet is wanting to be careful about not overdosing selenium, because
> that could be worse than the mild tie up. We need to find out what the
> recommended daily dose is for horses. Does anyone out there know?
> PS. Thanks, all of you for the recent posts about tie ups. For me, it
> turned out to be timely information.
> Lucie Hancock and Tamar Starofdavid.

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