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Re: Beet Pulp (Dumb Question)

Thank god it was shreds Mouse ate and not pellets. I know that when I soak
the pellets that I buy here I start out with an inch of dry pellets in the
bottom of the bucket and then they turn into a whole bucket of wet sugar

By the way I'm sure that Chinese water torture involves dry rice and then
they make the victim drink water, the rice swells up and bingo you explode!
So next time there's some sort of war involving torture you can be sure that
Mouse won't crack under pressure. She must have an amazing constitution or a
stomach with the ability to increase in size at any time. It will be
interesting to see if she manages to penetrate the electric fence you've
installed - just keep all rubber gloves and wire cutters out of her reach!

And she looks so cute and unassuming!


>From: Lucy Chaplin Trumbull <>
>To: ridecamp <>
>Subject: Re: Beet Pulp (Dumb Question)
>Date: Thu, Oct 22, 1998, 4:08 pm

>> Janet Baca wrote:
>> With all the talk of beet pulp all the time am wonder where in the
>> heck do you get this stuff?
>I got mine from the local feed store. Think I pay around
>$8 a 50 lb bag?
>When I went in the other day to get another bag (after
>Mouse ate most of the previous one in one go, dry), the
>guy said that they'd had 10 bags and it sat there forever,
>until suddenly everyone wanted the stuff. The bag I bought 
>was their last one. I made him promise to buy more.
>Probably, if you asked your feed store, they'd find some
>for you (or maybe they have a few bags tucked away in
>the back somewhere?).
>I think, round here (in the dry, dusty Central Valley) it's
>mostly fed to cattle as an extra when they really can't
>live on "that brown sh*t" (aka, grass) any more.
>> What does it look like, pellets?
>The stuff I get is the shredded type (soaks up water
>quicker?). It looks kind of like crunchy, dark brown, 
>small wood shavings (extremely appetising to small,
>fat mares, apparently).
>Cindy Budler wrote:
>> It's really frustrating hearing about everybody in the UK 
>> and USA going on about beetpulp. I would love to be able 
>> to use it - especially as we have terrible problems at this 
>> time of the year with forage... Too import would probably 
>> be a problem because of cost and spoilage.
>Cost, maybe, Cindy, but I'm not sure about "spoilage". This 
>stuff is *dry*. I can't imagine it going off. Maybe it would
>"fade nutritionally" (technical term) with age, but going off? 
>Susan E-G?
>Annette Gordon wrote:
>> I've been told not to soak in hot
>> water because it accelerates the fermentation process that will occur
>> ultimately with any feed that is left wet for long enough. I suppose 
>> if you use it quickly enough it may not matter.
>"Soaking" it the way I use it (add water - swill around - give to 
>horse) probably avoids this problem? Same with the idea of it 
>"going off". Around here, it wouldn't have *time* to go off.
>> Maybe you have different sugar beet out there but I would be very 
>> scared to give my horses unsoaked sugar beet.
>Well, like I mentioned, apart from getting even fatter,
>Mouse was none the worse for wear from eating 30 lbs of
>the stuff, dry, straight from the bag (hot wire has been 
>added to that portion of fence, locking feed bins have 
>been installed, and moved out of reach from greedy guts.
>It was a good lesson learnt with an inert substance instead 
>of volatile grain. Boy, were we lucky).
>Lucy Chaplin Trumbull -
>Repotted english person in Sacramento, CA 
>with Mouse and Provo

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