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Re: Sponging Clinic

>Girls, girls.  It is clear that it will be easier for the Palestinians
>and Israeli to negoiate a lasting peace than you two to decide on the
>proper corse for the Sponge off.

You should hear us discuss religion!

  You two clearly need the clear 
>thinking of a panel of male judges to decide the course and the 
>to be used.
 I would recommend Brian Bourne to step up and take on the
>task of chairing this committee. 

Sounds good to me.  Are you sure Brian can stand it?  When my husband
knows Lynda's coming he makes himself scarce.  Two of us together is a
little much.

>This could be so........ much fun to watch that we should make it a 
>sponsored event.

I will gladly represent the Southeast.  I'm not sure if the Texans will
claim Lynda or not...she was born in Chicago to Polish parents, and
raised in backwoods nobody wants to take the blame for how
she's turned out.

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