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RE: Sponging Clinic

Angie, my comments to your recent "Sponging Clinic" cut-'n-paste (no need to
thank me):

(1)	I may be older, but your arms are shorter.

(2)	("Little Mama?")

(3)	??How "normal" is it to get a 900 number, an assumed name, and 
	promote yourself as an "Equine Psychic with Attitude??"  (You don't 
	have to answer that, Ang.)  Besides, how does one define "normal" 
	anyway?  It's all relevant...

(4)	That's "protegee" (or protege, if we're talking about a guy, here).

(5)	If you'd used a rope instead of a piece of spaghetti, the string
	have never blown around the heart monitor.  You would never have 
	had to carry the EQB, you would have been able to drink from your 
	water bottle, you would not have suffered that resulting
	and you would NOT have embarrassed Bill by running around camp, 
	both delirious and in the buff.

P.S.  Overall, your comments were good.  However, might I suggest leaving
the twigs in your helmet?  Should you do so, and if you wear camouflage
attire (available in the sporting goods department at all fine Wal-Mart
stores everywhere), you may be able to escape detection by the enemy closing
in on the rear (remind me later to discuss the advantages of upgrading the
sport to "Full Contact Endurance Riding").

Your Best Enduro-pal,

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In an attempt not to bother those who consider this discussion
irritating, I've cut & pasted all the posts on sponging into one long
letter: .......

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