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Re: Competing in easy boots

Many riders compete in easy boots, although I have only used them when
I lost a shoe.  I think it is a great plan, espcially in 
winter. This year,  I found myself going crazy trying to match a shoeing schedule to the ride calendar, when most the rides were cancelled anyway.  I wasted a lot of money, and my horses do fine without shoes.  The only reason to shoe them
is for endurance and late summer when the ground is so dry and hard.  Since
trimming is $20 and shoes are $65 (by the latest farrier), it makes good economical sense to get into the habit of easybooting for rides.  You also get 
the benefit of pads, without paying the extra $20.

Connie DeJong
Villa Montagna Equestrian Hideaway
Big Basin Park
Boulder Creek, CA

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>From: Kristi 
>I've been competing in NATRC where easy boots aren't allowed, so I've always had my horse shod. I'm now going to be doing endurance and due to problems  getting my horse properly shod, I'm considering only having him trimmed and using easy boots on all 4 hooves for endurance rides. Do any of you do this? Pros/cons? If you do, do you ever ride barefoot while conditioning if conditions allow? I'm looking forward to joining the AERC ranks!!!
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