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O.K. Folks.  Didn't make this up.  Dawn Saunders the Scotish chick still
hasn't got it where she can post on ridecamp so she asked me to send this
for her:

HELP!!!  I tried to send this to Ridecamp, but again it boinged
back....dunno why :(  Pretty please can you send it for me?  Ta.
> From: Dawn Saunders <>
> To:
> Subject: Sponging
> Date: Monday, October 19, 1998 06:00
> After staying with sponge queen Angie McGhee and learning at the foot
> the master, I got back to Scotland and couldn't wait to show of my new
> talent and my spiffy new sponge.  So I loaded up my horse and a friend
> suitably impress and headed for the beach.  Under NO circumstances will
> go anywhere NEAR the comes up the beach after you so
> therefore it must be some kind of highly dangerous "horse dissolving
> but there are lovely deep pools to wade in.  I headed for one, undid
> sponge, made sure my audience was paying me the full attention my
> brilliance deserved, flung the sponge into the pool (pre-wetted ...of
> course) did the arc thing, whipped it out of the water and flung it
> whereby causing Ali to do a magnificent "duck" as she was convinced it
> going to hit her in the face.  From then on, she cast a wary eye in
> direction everytime I attempted it, and as soon as she sees the upward
> motion of the sponge she ducks!!!  It's hysterical to watch....but
> do a lot for my street cred.  
> Dawn and Ali

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