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Floridians Vote

Floridians have an amendment 5 on the Nov. 3rd ballot which could impact endurance riders/pleasure riders/ outdoors people.  See the synopsis at Or  Sunshine Horse Council Web Page.
Much too much is happening and not enough info is getting out. This amendment has very little voter awareness (25%).  While it creates a strong merging of agencies responsible for fish and wildlife, it is a positive move.  Endorsed publicly by Clay Henderson, Pres. of Fla. Audubon Society.  And, in Volusia County, meetings have begun on the 1st greenbelt mile of 75 which would connect W. Volusia County.

I can't attend many meetings because of my business... I depend on RideCamp and other links to keep me an active voice.  I hope you all feel the same.


Linda in DeLeon Springs, Fl.

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