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Rides without managers

     I'm regret to say that I found your reply rather flippant and 
     demeaning towards the hardships the managers endure to give us the 
     wonderful rides that we have. Often times the land used for the ride 
     is not available for the random rider that comes up, so to ride this 
     land is a special opportunity that we might otherwise not have. Even 
     so, without the managers, it's only a training ride, and not 
     endurance. Without the ride managers, there's no cutoff time, nothing 
     pushing you, no other horses to compete against. No points, nothing 
     really to strive for.
     The spark that makes endurance what it is, does not exist without the 
     race factor, even for those who ride to finish. I've done 8-hour 
     training rides, and I've done 8-hour 50-mile endurance races complete 
     with managers and volunteers.  I much prefer the endurance races. 
     Without the managers, it's just a training ride to me.
     I'm sure as I manage my first ride this approaching season, I'll find 
     the truly unique point of view of the ride manager. But still, even 
     now, I know that they give us their all, they stay up for 48 hours in 
     a row (if not more), they put up with complaining and bitching and 
     moaning as we trample them while sniveling! I think they deserve a lot 
     more respect than they get. 
     Hail the managers!  
     AERC NW Region
     Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 12:57:48 -0700
     From: Softride <>
     Subject: Re: northwest ride cancellations
     You don't have to have ride-managers to go out and ride endurance.  
     Most riders that have certain rides they like can find the trail as 
     well as the back of their hand.   So just not having ride-managers 
     just means that you can go out and ride the ride FREE.   : o)
     Of course, if your riding for points and mileage, I guess that's out.
     Or just add up all your mileage and keep track of it yourself.   : o)
     Rebecca--Underwood Enterprizes--1-541-826-9668--Oregon
     Home of the Treeless Saddle and other quality horse/mule/donkey and 
     pet products

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