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re: subscribed but cant post to ridecamp

OK folks,

>HELP!!!  I tried to send this to Ridecamp, but again it boinged
>back....dunno why :( 

I see these messages periodically so I'll post what I had to do to 
send messages after Steph went to a semi-closed list.  My mail server
is "generous" about getting mail to me.  I subscribed to ridecamp and
got e-mails but couldn't post because the from address my mail server
attaches to my mail did not exactly match the address I had subscribed 
with.  So if you cant post to the list - try sending yourself a test
message and make sure that the from address exactly matches  your
subscription address - it it doesn't you need to unsubscribe and 
subscribe with the exact address your mail server attaches to your
outgoing mails.  If this is not the solution then you need to find
a real computer literate person for help :)


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