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Re:Pawnee Grasslands (aka, not a word about sponges)

Just got off the phone with a pal of mine who is exceptionally modest and all.
She said the PG ride was great. Raved about the heated tent, the BC awards
(custom made tights) for the 50 and 30 and the great job done by Lisa, the new
ride manager. However, she didn't even mention Linnea (who's she?) so I don't
know if that heater part of Linnea's story was true. I can't see what this
Linnea person would care about the placement of a heater.

This is what she told me about the finishers on the 50: Rebecca Fine/Early;
Diana Z (hi Diana!!) on Capacunnio (no I can't spell), Ruth D (hi Ruth!!) on
Elmer (his first 50!!), Debi something-or-another on Novah, Phillip on a real
nice mare, Myra? (I was told it was a nice mare and then my source forgets the
name? I ask you.) Linda Fisher (hi Linda) on Durango (hi Durango!!). Oh yeah,
my source, being modest and all did mention that she tried to call me
countless times to tell me she got BC!!! Yes! Novah's first 50 mile BC! Oh, I
guess that gives away my source, huh?

Well, the source - err, Debi -- went on to tell me about how strong the wind
was and how it shredded her 3 yr helmet so she had to replace it after the
ride. Tall tales abound on the prairie, eh? The "wind" shredded your helmet?
Well, we won't go into details. Sounds like a really good ride in the wet and
wind tho and gosh darn it, I sure wish I had been there instead of in my nice
warm cozy house, but those are the breaks. At least the next day was beautiful
and as we all know, driving home is the day you want the nice weather. Well,
it happens that way most of the time anyway.

Speaking of the way home - on the way Debi felt like having a steak for
dinner.  I do think she might have gone a bit far running into one still
attached to a cow on the highway, don't you? 2 other vehicles joined in.
Luckily no one but the ill-fated cow was hurt. It sounds as though her rig
and Novah escaped all but the most minor of damages. 

Okay, that's all I know. Debi, you can come out of lurkwood now and pay me
that big reward for this post now.

Cathy Adair
Ash Grove MO
(living "viciously" a safe distance from Denver CO and a certain cop there

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