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Re:Pawnee Grasslands (aka, not a word about sponges)

I drop out of sight for a few days (weeks, months) and this is the 
treatment I get!  Do I cease to exist when I don't post?  What is 
existance?  And how does this all relate to sponge slinging?  Help me 
out here, Angie.

>ride manager. However, she didn't even mention Linnea (who's she?) 
>so I don't know if that heater part of Linnea's story was true. I 
>can't see what this Linnea person would care about the placement of 
>a heater.

BTW, congratulations to Novah and Deb on their BC (Best Condition NOT 
Busted Condition).

And speaking of the Busted Condition Award, I know of a few new 
off-the-record entries.  Any official entries we need to know about?  
How about the recoveries from our last round?  Karen, Lucy, et al?

>(living "viciously" a safe distance from Denver CO and a certain cop 

Yeah, but we know where you live!

Linnea - I ride, therefore I am!

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