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Pawnee Grasslands II

I'll wait and let ride manager Lisa Ashbach report the results of this
wonderful ride but I just had to write and put my $.02 in.  Lisa did a
terrific job with this ride and her wonderful personality made it one of
the most fun rides I have ever done.  I am a relative newbie to this
sport....this was my fourth 30-miler and I'm although I'm hoping to move
into the 50's next year...have been hesitating about joining AERC because I
wasn't sure just how welcome I'd be as an LD rider---not up there with the
speed or distance yet---and I am still not sure about doing 50's so fast
and don't want to make people have to wait around two or three more hours
for me to come dragging in...
But after this ride I felt so much better about myself, thanks to Lisa,
Drs. Jung and Loving, and all the other fantastic volunteers and the riders
too, that I am definitely not only going to join AERC but I am going to
join the MRER organization too.  
I'm sure that Lisa will report on the weather (it was AWFUL) but even
considering the cold and the wind, that trail is beautiful, lots of water
for the horses...afterwards, the dessert and raffle and ribbons to remember
the ride made every rider feel special...
Good job, Lisa and crew, and you can count on me to be there (and I'll be
bringing more friends next time) ...they'd have to close the roads to keep
me away.  Thanks for all the fun!
Betty from Craig, Colorado

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