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Re: editorial

> Humane treatment of all animals going to slaughter is what we should
> legislate.  A horse is and should remain livestock as a cow or sheep.  If you
> loved your goat, you would want to have the vet put it down also, and that is
> your right.

I am WAY behind on the power curve on this discussion, haven't read the
editorial in question, but several years ago when AB 500 addressed the
issue of humane treatment of horses being transported to slaughter, it
was brought out that horses (at that time at least) are NOT legally
categorized as livestock---and therefore are not regulated by the same
laws that govern humane treatment for pigs or cattle being transported. 
So is Prop. 6 an effort to legally categorize horses so that transport
can be regulated (although I agree they are better designated as
livestock, not companion animals).

Just wondering.  Let me know if this discussion needs to go off-line
from ridecamp.

Susan G
Finally back from exotic lands and talkative as ever :-)

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