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Re: Selenium - Vitamin E

Hi Trish.
    This is not an ad exactly, just FYI for everyone including you.
Our company makes a high quality, concentrated, and affordable
Vitamin E w. Selenium powder specifically formulated for equine
use.  You are probably aware of Selenium's toxic nature when
taken in excess, so it is far safer to use a product which is already
balanced, and proven in field experience.  Please contact me if
you would like more info.  Thanks.    Linda Flynn, Anico Vet. Prod.

Trish Grant wrote:

> Hi there folks,
> I know there has been alot on ridecamp regarding selenium, but I have one
> more question here. I am aware that in order to get maximum benefits of
> the selenium it must be complimented by vitamin E. I am feeding my horse a
> supplement that has a good ratio of selenium in it but there is no Vitamin
> E. Can I then add solely a vitamin E supplement to compliment the
> selenium. If this is possible what kind of vitamin E can I feed. Can I
> feed a people type vitamin E or is there something specific for horses. If
> I can feed a people type vitamin E any suggestions on which kind to feed,
> a gel type pill, a regular type pill or some powder substance of such,
> and then if I cannot
> feed a people type vitamin E any suggestions. Does anyone know the ratio
> needed of selenium verses vitamin E to make an effective supplement.
> Thank You All in Advance
> Trish Grant

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