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Re: Dubai Quarantine and stress involved

In a message dated 98-10-05 11:24:33 EDT, writes:

<< What can one do to helpo aleviate the stress factor involved,any ideas?? >>

Start early on in the career of a young endurance horse acquainting them with
travel and with living in different circumstances.  The stress is much more
for a horse that has always lived in one place and always had things done the
same way.  I see the same thing when I get old broodmares--the ones that come
from certain places that are very regimented and were born there and have
known nothing different take as much as two years to adjust.  Ones that have
changed hands a few times, or at least come from places where management
practices change with the seasons and with age and life circumstances, move
right in and hardly bat an eye over the change.  Endurance horses, by the very
nature of our sport, adapt better than some others, but still there is quite a
difference in how well people have trained their horses to be travelers.


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