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Re: Dubai Quarantine and stress involved

Hi Leonard,
Talk about advantage,will your horses be in quarantine before leaving for
Our horses here are already in pre quarantine and the real quarantine from
today until they leave for Dubai on the 16th November(with two crew
memebers).the riders and crew leave for Dubai on the 1st December.The
horses fly back 17 Decemer to go back into quarantine until the 18th
January.Dont think the horses will ever be the same again,never mind the
stress factor involved.
I have seen what stress can do to horses its not a pretty sight.Sent a
young horse to Cape Town with race horse carriers,she arrived there skin
and bone all due to stress.
What can one do to helpo aleviate the stress factor involved,any ideas??

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> Subject: Dubai Quarantine
> Date: Monday, October 05, 1998 11:00 AM
> As far as I know, there will be no quarantine in Dubai. Horses will be
parked/stabled in function of their origin (american together, european
together, etc...) in order to minimize the risks. 
> For us european, there will be no quarantine when we will fly back to
Frankfurt... don't know for the american horses.
> Leonard, in Belgium

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