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<< i Judy,
We were lurking and saw you'r post on Syd Hill saddles. I live in South
Africa, and imported a Bushmaster Poley. I cant get a spare girth here for
it, do you have any, and what is the price?.I'll go to you'r web page as
We also run trails in the parks over here, and there is a wide variety of
animals to be seen, including the endangered Black Rhino. We ride amongst
the game, and it really is a unique experience. As a promotion we are
offering a free weeks stay with us in the parks to anyone who brings over 4
or more people with them. If you would like more information, please
contact us.
Rob & Kathy.
I have heard of you, it's a pleasure to meet you! I will refer you to horse-s
They can handle the details of international shipment. If not, then come
back to me.
Shiloh Aussie Saddles has its own girth, manufactured for us. It is equal to
the $135. Syd Hill girth, but at $75. Fine mohair, solid brass hardware,
leather ends, and heavy construction. Measured from center buckle to center
buckle, and not from the ends. Machine washable, cool and kind to the horse,
it sets up the right amount of grip to the saddle. Regards, Judy