Re: Remember me????
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 20:46:27 -0500 (EST)

The Jinda and the Kimberly are good starter saddles for the money. They weigh
2# more than the fine Australian-made quality, at 18# unmounted.
Jinda has wide leathers, and leather covered stirrups. It has a very good
pack, so should take quite a bit of riding before it's packed down flat. The
leather is a little firmer than the Kimberly, but a long cry from the old
cardboard leather we used to see, and a very dark chocolate brown. Should
soften nicely.
Kimberly is 2-tone, russet and black.
Both are richly appointed with brass dees, and have 2 yr. warranty on the
trees, which are wood/steel wrapped in fiberglass. The standard is a Syd Hill
Bushmaster which is a stockseat. Deeper than sometimes prefered for
endurance, but you can still get up in 2-pt. Both will take 15 hours to
break-in. Both have the technology of the relationships between girths,pads,
leathers in the right spots, and engage a cinch and ring girth system, which
I put on my fine Shiloh mohair girth, with every saddle. You won't have the
fine hand craftsmanship seen in the $1500. saddles, but it's a good way to
start, until you see how seriously you like the Australian saddle, then
upgrade. They do have good resale value.
I am attempting to become a National Clearinghouse for used Australian
saddles; as you know, I have a free database to match people and saddles. I
am watching for particular saddles to show up that I have customers for. Let
me know how I can help. Judy