John Wayne Pioneer Wagons & Riders Trip
Sat, 8 Nov 1997 23:19:24 -0500 (EST)

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The trip through Washington state sounds great. Could you give me more
detailed information? Thanks,
I'd be glad to.
The ride leaves the 3rd Sat. in May at 9 am from Snoqualmie Pass in the
Cascades, goes 260 miles to Idaho in 2 weeks. There are 3 rest days when
die-hards do day-rides anyway, of the area. We stay at ranches, or grain
elevators, or whatever, moving up to 34 mi. a day. The trail is an
abandoned RR right of way, that is the USA longest lineal park. The ties have
long since been picked up. We have 2 parties, a cowboy poet against a
backdrop of sunset on the sage, the 4-H comes out to feed us, small towns put
us on their budget, and offer showers, and homemade pies and dinners. It is
up to the rancher, we had a cattle drive this year. We parade through towns.
We are the parade. We help with the Rosalia Rodeo.
This is a luxurious ride for $40. You will have your own camper or motorhome
or tent.
Every morning at 7 am, you will get in line behind our bus, leaving your
horse behind, and drive to the next camp , and you leave your rig there, get
on the bus to bring you back to ride your horse. Meetings every night. A
vocalist entertains us with renditions from Sons of the Pioneers, drifting
through the camp. Ride at your own speed, and with whoever, as long as it's
between the Lead rider, and the Drag rider.about 4 hours apart.
Whether you enjoy the osprey diving for salmon in the Yakima River, have your
own lunch whereever you want to stop, go through tunnels up to 1/2 mi. long,
or beat the elements day, you're part of a team, working its way across the
state. One thing wrong with your horse, and you've got 6 prs. of hands son
it. A great place to start a young horse. If you don't feel like riding, sit
that day out, and take him to the next camp. You'll add $500. in value to
your horse just to say it's been John-Wayned!
If you think you may be interested, membership, and a monthly newsletter
outlining details and itinerary can be obtained by sending $15. to JWPW & R ,
P.O.Box 660, Carnation, Wa. 98014 You can send your $40. with the
The ride apps will be out in the spring. Cut-off is at 150 people, or May
We'll have 2 teams of trail boss this year. I'll be on 1 of them. Judy