ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] what to do when it is muddy, rainy, cold, or deep in snow...

Re: [endurance] what to do when it is muddy, rainy, cold, or deep in snow...

Mon, 8 Jan 1996 20:23:23 -0500

Clean tack!
Clean horses!
Clean house (it sure won't be cleaned around here if I can go riding!)
Inspect & repair worn tack!
Buy tack! (If you're snowed in, use a catalog.)
Organize tack room!
Restack your hay in the barn!
Give a barn cat a bath! (insideonly; for masochists only!)
Work out yourself - build up your own endurance & stretch muscles.
Aclimate your horse to the idea of Tteam.
Invite friends (read "prospective crew") to the barn to meet your steed,
learn to take a pulse, lead & blanket a horse.
Show same friends (crew) pictures/videos about the excitement of waiting on
the rider/horse at 3 AM at the 90 mile check point.
Ride where & whenever possible - even in an indoor arena if you are lucky
enough to have one.
Work on suppling (the horse).
Practice "snappy" trot out excercises.
Plan out your ride schedule & present the budget to your S.O.
Explain to the kids why they CAN'T stay up to see you finish the Spring Blast
100! (Yawn! Where is the flashlight & stethoscope!)

Realistically - do NOT risk a tendon injury by pushing in wet mud. If
possible, trailer to a sandy location where the drainage is better for faster
work, assuming there is such a location w/in 3-4 hours of you.

Good luck. They used to call it "cabin fever".

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Chesapeake, VA