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Re: [endurance] what to do when it is muddy, rainy, cold, or deep in snow...

Truman Prevatt (prevatt@mail.lds.loral.com)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 10:29:55 -0400

Now Mike, you shouldn't rub it in. You don't see me talking about the
wonderful winter riding in FL. I mean we whine when low temp gets below
40! I ride two or thee day a week - one long enjoyable ride in 60 to 70
degrees during the weekend. I do feel for those poor people up North, but
we already have too many "snowbrids" here so I don't want them to think it
is too nice.

But summer, that's another story. As long as you are willing to start a
ride at sunup or ride after dark it is not too bad, however.

Not whining until about June

>the only tip i can offer is thats its going to be in the 60s both tuesday
>and wednesday here in houston. we had a beautiful ride the other evening
>when it was in the 70s and a full moon. it was very cold over the weekend
>when we were riding - in the 40s. i did a nice 25 in the afternoon for
>i just moved to houston from NJ/Pa where kevin p. was describing the
>3 feet of snow and the 10 foot drifts. i don't miss that part of it at
>so you could consider moving to houston and avoid all that snow and cold.
>we do have our share of rain and mud in the spring but at least its not
>on the other hand - our summers are something to avoid...
>just to be humorous - for the above comment on good things come to
>those that whine - perhaps for this winter we can change one of our
>well known slogans to
>"To feel better is to whine"
>yours in warmer houston...
>mike maul
>houston, tx


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