ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] what to do when it is muddy, rainy, cold, or deep in snow...

[endurance] what to do when it is muddy, rainy, cold, or deep in snow...

Mike Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Mon, 8 Jan 96 19:01:30 CST

in response to the following post...

>>ok, I may be new to this but...I can't stand anymore MUD & RAIN!!! I'm
>>dying to go out for a nice LONG, FAST, HARD, & -DRY- RIDE!! What do you
>>veterans of this sport do during the winter? It's driving me nuts! What
>>I would give for a beautiful 25 mile ride... I've been grabbing little
>>rides where I can, and spending HOURS at the arena. But GEEZ I'm -SICK-
>>of this. So....any tips from the veterans?

>>Thanks for listening to me whine *:(

>> Ma The Purple Demon ---,'-@ ** Good things **
ri ............................... *** come to those ***
>> sa purpl2@teleport.com--Ptld. OR *** who...whine!! ***

the only tip i can offer is thats its going to be in the 60s both tuesday
and wednesday here in houston. we had a beautiful ride the other evening
when it was in the 70s and a full moon. it was very cold over the weekend
when we were riding - in the 40s. i did a nice 25 in the afternoon for

i just moved to houston from NJ/Pa where kevin p. was describing the
3 feet of snow and the 10 foot drifts. i don't miss that part of it at

so you could consider moving to houston and avoid all that snow and cold.
we do have our share of rain and mud in the spring but at least its not

on the other hand - our summers are something to avoid...

just to be humorous - for the above comment on good things come to
those that whine - perhaps for this winter we can change one of our
well known slogans to

"To feel better is to whine"

yours in warmer houston...

mike maul
houston, tx