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RE: [endurance] Jeffers Vet Supply

Gwen Dluehosh (dluehosh@vt.edu)
Tue, 9 Jan 1996 18:57:34 -0500 (EST)

Hi, I for one will not order anything else from them. I tried to get my
vaccines mail order from them and they had little or no stock in. I don't
htink it should be advertised in the catalog if it ain't available!!
I ended up getting a BETTER deal from my vet on that stuff. ( I am a vet
student, so thos e of you who think I am nuts, nah, I just like practicing
for later!) We have however gotten two tank de-icers from them which work
great. I highly recommend a tank deicer for the winter, it's much better
than trying to find, let alone thaw out, the hose!!
In message Thu, 04 Jan 1996 18:28:06 EST,
XXDU78A@prodigy.com (MS LOUISE D BURTON) writes:

> For years Jeffers has been an EXCELLENT place to order "stuff" because of
> prompt shipping, excellent prices, and free shipping over $50. Now they
> have instigated a real mess, including separate catalogs for pets, cattle,
> and horses, and shipping charges for horse items but not cattle items!
> Customer service asked that I ask EVERYONE who orders from them to write
> Dr. Jeffers stating your INTENSE displeasure at this new "policy".
> The address is: Dr. Jeffers
> P.O. Box 948
> West Plains MO 65775
> Tell him you liked Jeffers Vet Supply the way it was! (one catalog and no
> shipping charges).
> Thanks for your help. I hope we can be successful in getting him to
> rescind this mess.
> Louise Burton
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