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Re: [endurance] Europe evil

Pierre Bulte (100450.2125@compuserve.com)
28 Sep 95 03:44:07 EDT

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Date: Wednesday, 27-Sep-95 05:06 PM

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Thanks for interest.

Good question !
Ratio of 50% pulls is common here

One horse (Shamsi) was stopped due to night and no motivation of the rider. Two or three didn't recovered in time (30 mn) One (Falkow) was injured
All the others for lameness.

If you consider Michel Denayer European vice Champion '95 and Denis Pesce World vice champion '94 were pulled, certainly riders are able to do 100 miles. It's also the case of the others riders.

The trail is rocky in mountains. It explains some difficulties.

The main reason on my opinion is that here in France we forget the proverb "to finish is to win" and we may not (regulation) ride 100 miles in 24 hours (as you do). For most of the riders it's a competition towards others.

Too young horses are registered (6 years) No significant experience (first 100 miles) Ridden too fast before (60 miles @10mph)

Finally Can you give me information on how you succeed to finish ?


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Date: Wednesday, 27-Sep-95 03:44 PM

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Subject: Re: [endurance] News from Europe Pierre, It was interesting to read about your 100 mile ride in France, with times and finishers. I noted that you had more pulls than finishers (22 v 17). Can you give some information on what happened there? Were the pulls mostly for lameness, or was the course too difficult for riders?

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