ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Canceled Rides (fwd) -Pertinent to Graham's Party

Re: [endurance] Canceled Rides (fwd) -Pertinent to Graham's Party

Tommy Crockett (tomydore@goblin.punk.net)
Thu, 28 Sep 1995 08:21:18 -0700 (PDT)

I got in last night at about midnight from the studio. I took the phone
out of the studio so I could work without interuption. I think until this
is settled I'll put it back in. :) Lancaster is a fun ride just from the
company. I know Sandy will be there. As well as Ann, Suzy, Brooke, Randy,
Sarah, Kristen and a whole world of people. Unfortunately it'll keep the
bay area E-Lers away, but who knows maybe not? Let talk this evening. I
have to sit in on a class at Poly tonight, after which a short get
together with some of the faculity so I won't even be home until 9:00PM.
It might give Paula and Graham a chance to get to the Kellogg Ranch at
Calpoly Pomona.

Anyway I'm up for anything what about the rest of the Californians???


On Wed, 27 Sep 1995, Sallijan Snyder wrote:

> Tommy wrote:
> >Lake Sonoma ride is cancelled. And I had pretty much hashed this out with
> >Paula, just sent in my check and Breck got his boss to give him the time
> >off. Can you Bay area people please keep the date open and we can do
> >something as an alternative? I'll call Paula tonight and see what we can
> >hammer out. Looks as though since this is, after all just hearsay I'll
> One of the main things Graham wanted to do here was see an endurance ride.
> With cancellation of Lake Sonoma, looks like his only chance is the
> Halloween Horror. I forwarded info on that to Paula to let him know. It
> will be fairly easy for him to get there from where he'll be the previous
> week--probably easier than Sonoma, actually.
> I'll let you know what I hear from Paula on this. She's in touch with G.
> a bit more often than I am.
> I'm still hoping we can have some sort of gathering for the SF Bay Area
> clan, but we'll have to wait and see on that, too. The moment may have to
> have large spurs. :-)
> -Sallijan
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