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[endurance]stocking up

Sue Cunningham (sue.cunningham@mcc.ac.uk)
Thu, 28 Sep 95 14:38:51 -0700

For the last couple of weeks our geldings left fore has been
very slightly swollen all along the length of his cannon. When it is
swollen you can still feel and see the tendon etc in the leg easily,
it is just not as 'clean' as the other leg. The swelling disappears
completely with about 1 mins walk, and reappears when he is
stabled overnight or during the day (we only have turn out every
other day). There has never been any heat in his leg, and he has not
been lame. Guess I'm just paranoid incase he has hurt his tendon.
What do you think?

Some background - He is four yrs old, and is ridden about 3 times a
week, about 7 miles on the weekdays, and a longer 15-20 milers at
weekend. Mostly walk and trot, with an occasional slow canter - we
usually aim to make about 6mph, or 5-6 on the rides. He's been doing
this routine for about 3 months. The only time he has ever been lame was
as a two year old - and that always disappeared when the vet was around,
so we never did track it down. He was lame on and off then for about
a couple of months - this was long before he was backed incidentally.