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Re: [endurance] Flex Ride Stirrups

Sun, 24 Sep 1995 18:13:34 -0400

IMHO........ I've ridden with Flex-Ride Stirrups (formerly Hi-Tech) with
toe-guards and vibram pads for many years and I would not want to go back to
any other type of stirrup on a regular basis. The things I've found about
these stirrups are the following: they reduce the shock on my knees; I can
ride in almost any running/tennis shoe and my foot stays securely in the
stirrup and I don't have to worry about my foot sliding forward through the
stirrup; the toe-guard is very effective at fending off branches and stumps
on narrow trails; getting whacked by one of these plastic stirrups beats
getting hit by irons or big western stirrups any day; they're interchangeable
between english and western-style saddles; they need minimal care (just wash
them off occasionally) and they still look great.

After looking around, I bought them from Sportack (1.800.248.8225) and they
are offered in the 1995 catalog for $67.95 with guards/pads.

I have an extra set that I've loaned out to friends and they have
subsequently bought their own. Without exception, everyone that I've told
about the stirrups have ended up buying them and love them.