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Re: [endurance] Flex Ride Stirrups

Sallijan Snyder (sallijan@ix.netcom.com)
Sun, 24 Sep 1995 23:24:00 -0700

Jim Mitchell (navion@lightspeed.net) wrote:
>I have tried the Flex Ride Stirrups and felt they didn't work for my
>feet and shoes. (Size 10 mens) My feet tended to hang up in them when
>dismounting and I would often bring the whole fender over the saddle as
>I got off. (Sharon Saare saddle) This worried me if I should come off
>unexpectedly! Also they are so light and they narrow at the top sooner
>than other stirrups.

I have fairly large feet (8.5 with a high arch) and at first found that
narrowing at the top to be a bother. It rubbed on the outside top of my
foot when I rode in my favorite riding sneakers. I thought it would be a
serious problem, but after a few rides I found the right foot position and
now I wouldn't give these stirrups up any more than I'd part with my
Sports Saddle. :-) I agree that anyone with large feet or heavy boots
might have a problem. They've sure saved my knees and ankles a lot of
pain on our steep hills here!

The only caution I'd mention is that you wouldn't want to use the toe
protector version for serious bush-whacking. Those little baskets can
catch branches--get real tapaderos!

BTW, I also got my Flex-Rides from Sportack.


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