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[endurance] poetry fantasy flight ride...

Mike Maul (mmaul@micro.ti.com)
Sun, 24 Sep 95 21:33:47 CDT

had a beautiful day in texas for the ride. night must have been
high 50s and the day was mid 70s. much nicer than the normal
texas day for this time of year.

the statistics on this ride should be something for the aerc to think

there were 2 100 milers, 33 50 milers, and 65 or so limited distance
25 milers. i suspect the ride would have been much harder to support
without the 25 milers. its something to think about.

ceci butler won the 50 in a flat out race at the end with her mother
darolynn. desiree from the netherlands attended and got a prize
for having come the fartherest for the ride. a number of @ pins were
seen at the ride this time courtesy of desiree.

the trails were great, the food excellent and it was too cold to use
the pool. hot showers were appreciated.

one of the riders from our barn was trying to protect his horse from
injury by acting as a cushion when the horse hit a hole and flipped.
the horse came out fine but the guy - one of our endurance newsgroup
members - tore most of the ligaments in his shoulder. very painful.

earl james can be reached at 73532.2612@compuserve.com if anyone
wants to offer their condolences.

mike maul
houston, tx