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[endurance] Flex Ride Stirrups

Sun, 24 Sep 1995 17:16:52 cdt

I have tried the Flex Ride Stirrups and felt they didn't work for my
feet and shoes. (Size 10 mens) My feet tended to hang up in them when
dismounting and I would often bring the whole fender over the saddle as
I got off. (Sharon Saare saddle) This worried me if I should come off
unexpectedly! Also they are so light and they narrow at the top sooner
than other stirrups. This caused me difficulty finding them if my foot
should slip out while riding. I tried to put them on an English saddle
using Wintec Webbers and the slot is too small for Webbers. I'm sure it
would work for regular english leathers.
I bought them from Roger Rittenhouse (EPT) and he warned me that
mens feet above size 11 are too big for them and below that you have to
make up your own mind.
I currently use a plastic stirrup like a TrailTech without the
shock absorber. It is big enough to easily find and I don't hang up in
it. Someday I might go to the TrailTech to see if I really like the
extra give.
Jim Mitchell
Bakersfield, Ca.