ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Recommendation of a good endurance saddle

[endurance] Recommendation of a good endurance saddle

Sun, 24 Sep 1995 18:14:48 -0400

I haven't seen any mention of the Big Horn endurance saddle in some of the
saddle discussions so thought I'd through it out there. I've owned one for
five years and love it. It's available in all leather (18 lbs.) or as a
cordura/leather combo (14 lbs.) (i think the weights are right). I own the
combo version and plan to buy the full leather sometime in the next year.

This is not an expensive saddle - I think the retail on the combo is $425-450
and the leather is $500 or so. Even though it's not expensive, it seems to
be holding up very well. I've put many miles on mine.

I ride a 15.3 Polish Arab gelding with a fairly wide back and high withers
and this saddle has never sored his shoulders up at all. However, I bought
the saddle long before I bought him and used it on quite a few horses with
different types of withers/backs and it seemed to work great. (If there is
such a thing as an all purpose saddle for any horse!)

The fender positions your leg at a very good angle for balance and
positioning for up and downhill work. The cross-fired rigging is very easy
and provides great stability.

The combo version does not have quite as many dee rings and straps as the all
leather but I've done fine with what I do have - there's a ring for the
crupper; one or two on the sides in the rear, and two or three strategically
placed in the front.

This has been a great saddle and is a way to get started without having to
spend alot of money.