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Re: [endurance] [JmForbes@aol.com: gaited horses?]

Ronald J. Bowden (editor@heart_talk.win.net)
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 22:18:23

>(I *know* that there are some folks out there with gaited horses that
>can respond to Katie!

***** I have a Missouri Fox Trotter (my 1st one) that will
be doing her 1st 25mile ride mid November (barring ??). She
is a fantastic trail horse and is coming along nicely in her
conditioning program.

*****Anybody else have a Fox Trotter?***** This one sure
can canter funny!! nearly parallel with the ground and
hardly leaving it; a true economy of motion!! VERY easy on
me and her. She makes it kind of hard to want to ride my
other *non-gaited* horses!!

>I've heard that Arabian horses are the most widely used breed for endurance
>riding. How do the gaited breeds such as the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse
>or the Paso Fino measure up? I've ridden the Kentucky horses and have
>covered 20 miles in about 3 hours at a rack or stepping pace with seemingly
>not much effort. I wanted to know if you have had any personal experiences
>with gaited horses in endurance riding or know anyone who has and what the
>results have been.
>Thanks for any insight on this matter,
>Katie Peterson

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