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Re: [endurance] Saddles

Ronald J. Bowden (editor@heart_talk.win.net)
Tue, 12 Sep 1995 23:13:19

>I had a big problem finding a saddle that fit my horse, mostly due to
>being a heavyweight rider. I tried several saddles that didn't
>necessarily make my horses back sore, but definately did impede forward
>motion due to pressure on the withers. I started using a saddle made by
>Marilyn Horstmyer at Desoto Custom Saddlery, and the difference was amazing!!

Do you have an address for this saddlery?? Thanks
Kathy Bowden


>She custom fits the horse, and the rider. I went from having sore knees
>and back at 30 miles to no soreness at all. (other than that from age and
>riding a horse that beats you to death!!) My horse definately noticed a
>difference, and it really showed up in the vet checks. hope this helps

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