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Re: [endurance] Saddles

Mark A. Thayer (mathayer@cs.unm.edu)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 09:38:39 -0600 (MDT)

On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, Greg & Kathy Seibolt wrote:

[much interesting stuff snipped...]

> But, you know, the bottom line is: it doesn't matter what success
> or failures any of us have had with our saddles...YOU have to
> find the right interface for YOU and YOUR horse. We're all looking
> for a perfect fit in an off-the-rack-world. And, anyone who says
> one-size-fits-all well....they just haven't been shopping lately.
Boy, ain't that the truth. I've got a "customization" problem,
and I'd appreciate some feedback from everyone.

Not only do I need to fit my horse, but I have to fit me. I'm a
big guy -- 6'8", 240 lbs. -- and the thought of buying a custom
saddle (and spending the corresponding big bucks) is a bit scary
because, while I'm sure some of the custom saddlemakers mentioned
in this thread can do a fine job fitting my horse, I'm not
completely convinced they've had much experience fitting someone
like me. The thought of spending all that money and ending up
with something that didn't fit is -- well, scary.

To give some perspective, we do a little of everything --
endurance-like trail riding, some dressage, a little work over
small fences. I like the variety, and my mare seems to like it,
too. Don't show much, unless it's to have fun (right now we do
everything in a park saddle that fits both of us reasonably well,
but the dressage judges haven't quite figured it out yet...).

So -- thoughts, comments? Thanks!

Best regards,

Mark Thayer
Albuquerque, NM