ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences

Re: [endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences

Linda Cowles @ PCB x5624 (linda_cowles@MENTORG.COM)
Wed, 13 Sep 95 08:44:10 -0700

Hi Ellen,

Marylin Horstmyer of DeSota Saddlery made me a neat neoprene girth that
works great on one of my thin-skinned arabs, but galls the other badly.

I have several, and when you can use them, they are great. Some horses just
don't seem to tolerate them.

The girth that I had custom made has elastic on the cinching "D" and a
fuzzy velco stip for attaching my HRM electrode.

Horstmyer DeSota Custom Saddlery Etwoah, TN (615)263-9371

Gilroy California

On Sep 13, 8:33am, Rider wrote:
> Subject: [endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences
> I'm emerging from lurkdom to ask a question. Has anyone used a neoprene
> girth <SNIP> I've only heard a few comments on the neoprene
> girths, all negative, that the girth will burn and cause galls.
> --
> - Ellen