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Re: [endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences

Dominique Freeman (fadjurs@sadandy.hpl.hp.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 07:55:55 -0600 (PDT)

I would highly reccomend neoprene. I learned the hard way by using
my trusted string girth (which was fine for one day 50's) but galled
Fadjurs on the fourth day of a 4 day 200 despite cleaning etc. I
was skeptical about neoprene, since most of my experience had been with
breastcollars covered with the stuff (due to poor fitting of the tack initially).

However, I have had *really* good luck with three different styles of
neoprene girths on three different horses. I have had Fadjurs go through
the Tevis with his Frost saddle and neoprene girth, and Swanton 100 with his Epic
saddle an neoprene and both times looked clean as a whistle. Not easy as he is one of these
velvety skinned individuals who rubs at the blink of an eye. Hence saddle
fit and girth fit are crucial for him. All of the people I condition with
swear by their neoprene girths. I have had good luck with the Orthoflex
brand, and hence carry them in the store. They are spendy (about $50), but
you can't even buy a good quality threefold or scalloped english girth anymore
for less than $60. Since the girth is the one of the most important parts of
your equipment, paying the money doesn't seem to harsh. I think the only
thing I would change on my Orthoflex is on the English girth, there are
no rollers on the buckles. These make it cheaper (since the buckles are
simply stamped) for the manufacturer, but also they last somewhat longer
than the roller buckles. I just miss the gliding of the billets as you girth
up, rather than having to tug against leather.

Dom and the boyz (Fadjurs, Jur Prize, Arabick Jayare, and Marco Fadjurs)

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