ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences

[endurance] neoprene girths - your experiences

Rider (rider@hpbs4669.boi.hp.com)
Wed, 13 Sep 95 8:33:57 MDT

I'm emerging from lurkdom to ask a question. Has anyone used a neoprene
girth, especially in endurance riding? If so, what has your experience with
it been? The reason I ask is that I need a new girth
for my Aussie stock saddle and the saddle requires a specific type of
girth - a buckle and a strap on one end, two buckles on the other end. I have
a "D" ring overgirth. This type of girth is difficult to find and the only
one I have found is neoprene. I've only heard a few comments on the neoprene
girths, all negative, that the girth will burn and cause galls. I'd like to hear
your comments before I order one.


     - Ellen