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Ken & Oogie McGuire (desertweyr@powergrid.electriciti.com)
Fri, 8 Sep 95 10:23 PDT

SOrry I didn't get this to you sooner.

I'm in San Diego County, CA. We have a riding license fee here. It's
$10/year or $16 for a 2 yr license. Every horse ridden on public trails
or roads is supposed to have the license on their tack. It's a small
metal tag like a dog license. The money collected is used for trail
maint. Very few of the horses in the county are actually licensed because
there is no enforcement. However, during times of drought some water
restrictions and allowances for horses depend on the number of licensed
horses you have. Some (not nearly enough) boarding stables are requiring
the licenses. FWIW we have every one of our horses licensed even though
only 2 animals have been out on the trails.

I don't know about restrictions on pens or electric fences. Personally I
do not like them at all. I'd much rather stationary tie, picket or
hobble. I think it's the only safe way but that is my prejudice. <smile>


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