ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] re: Survey info

[endurance] re: Survey info

Royer, Cheryl (royerc@mgmt.purdue.edu)
7 Sep 1995 12:51:14 -0500

Hi, The response has been good so far, especially you western states people.
Need to hear from Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois, please.

The main reason for this survey is to see how other states handle the horse

Indiana wants to discontinue the use of electric fences, pens etc. in all State
Parks and Forests. It might help when you respond to tell why you are in favor
of the electric fence/pen.

Indiana charges $2.00 per vehicle entrance fee to State Parks(or yearly park
pass of $18.00), A camping fee $7.00 per night primitive(plus add on $5.00 out
of state fee.) plus $2.00 per horse per day bridle tag (or you can purchase
yearly tags for $30.00). State Forest must have bridle tag, no gate fee, and
$5.00 per night camping fee. National Forest, charges no fees at all. However
State Parks/Forestry and National have adopted the riding on designated trail
only. No more bushwacking.

Sorry about the number thing (1. 3.) excuse typo. Thanks for your
cooperation on this survey. CMR