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Re: [endurance] re: Survey info

Karen Steenhof (ksteenho@eagle.idbsu.edu)
07 Sep 1995 12:44:47 -0600

In <199509071755.MAA26557@comm.mgmt.purdue.edu>, Royer, Cheryl wrote:
>Indiana charges $2.00 per vehicle entrance fee to State Parks(or yearly park
>pass of $18.00), A camping fee $7.00 per night primitive(plus add on $5.00 out
>of state fee.) plus $2.00 per horse per day bridle tag (or you can purchase
>yearly tags for $30.00). State Forest must have bridle tag, no gate fee, and
>$5.00 per night camping fee. National Forest, charges no fees at all. However
>State Parks/Forestry and National have adopted the riding on designated trail
>only. No more bushwacking.

Do they use the bridle fees to develop and/or maintain equestrian
trails? How does that work? In Idaho, we have tried to pass
legislation for a trailer sticker that would generate money for
trails, but have been unsuccessful so far. In Idaho, most of our
trails are on federal rather than state land.

karen steenhof