ridecamp@endurance.net: Re: [endurance] Scheduling Issues

Re: [endurance] Scheduling Issues

Ken & Oogie McGuire (desertweyr@powergrid.electriciti.com)
Fri, 8 Sep 95 10:23 PDT

> 1) Are you likely to participate in both AERC and NATRC events
Yes if I have a horse ready at all I am likely to do both. At a minimum I
would be a volunteer at both events.

> 2) What area/region you are in
Southern California

> 3) Proposals or suggestions for avoiding overlapping dates between
> these groups
I am a lifetime member of NATRC. When I talked to them they were willing
to try to do something but needed a calendar of 1996 rides and proposed
rides from AERC. The idea they had was that since there are so many more
AERC rides than NATRC rides that it might be easier for the NATRC folk to
move one weekend or so to avoid local conflicts. There was concern that
if AERC had to move rides they would run into conflicts with other AERC
rides. My feeling was that the NATRC regional reps and national org.
wants to make it easy for AERC riders to join and ride in NATRC. I
photocopied my AERC newsletter with this years ride dates and will be
giving it to the regional rep at the Ramona NATRC ride.


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