ridecamp@endurance.net: [endurance] Scheduling Issues

[endurance] Scheduling Issues

Ken & Oogie McGuire (desertweyr@powergrid.electriciti.com)
Thu, 7 Sep 95 07:39 PDT

OK, soapbox mode ON

Why can't the various distance riding organizations get together when
deciding on the schedules for rides and try to avoid scheduling the local
NATRC and AERC rides on the *same* weekend? If it only happened at one
ride I could forgive but this year nearly every ride in my area for NATRC
and AERC conflicts with each other. Not only does that prevent me from
potentially riding in both events but if I am not riding I am forced to
choose which event to volunteer for. If they were at different times I
could do either ride or help at both.

Case in point, next weekend is the Ramona NATRC ride (right in my
backyard) it is also an AERC ride. October 13-15 is both the Shake Rattle
& Roll NATRC ride and the Pendelton AERC ride. I've checked the
calendars, either ride in either organization could move one weekend
either way and still be within the rules for rides within the same region
or not conflict with similar ride dates. Is there any way to try to talk
together so that this won't happen for 1996?

Think of it this way, all distance riders are fighting to maintain trail
access. If we can have more weekends with more events on the trails we
will be seen as a larger population of responsible users and that may
help us have a larger voice in trail matters. Ride managers would be able
to draw on a larger pool of potential volunteers since we could just plan
on doing both and not be forced to choose which organization to support.
I think it would be a win/win for both organizations.

Thanks for listening

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