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Re: [RC] Chair Seat - Diane Trefethen

Maryanne Gabbani wrote:
Nah. I am a Muslim (albeit reform) and that is not the case. I'm SURE that the football (soccer to you guys) players wear all sorts of protective gear and there isn't this prohibition at all. Islam is actually quite sex-friendly as long it's between married partners.

Perhaps the magic word is "reform". :)

Here is where I read about the prohibitions and wudu:

The author رحمه الله says that touching the male private parts breaks the wudu’. There is a narration where the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said “whoever touches his private parts then let him not pray until he makes wudu’”.[2]

Ibn Hibban رحمه الله and other than him say whilst reconciling the ahaadeeth: whoever touches his private parts with a piece of cloth between his hand and the private parts does not break his wudu’. As for the one without anything between his hand and the private parts then he breaks his wudu’.

I am sure there are many degrees of rigidity in interpreting the Prophet and subsequent writings, just as in Christianity there are some amazingly constricted interpretations of the Bible as well as more liberal ones, ie, the World being created in seven days. Some hold to the human version of "seven days" (a bit arrogant in my opinion, that God should define His work in human terms) while others point out that a "day" to God may be anything, a second, a million years, anything.


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