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[RC] thank you truck gurus - Melinda Faubel

I'll add a second thank you.....I knew my truck was borderline (1/2 ton chevy, standard cab, long bed, 2005), but I did OK with it.? Each time I would read a ridecamp "truck discussion" though, I would think to myself "I really need a 3/4 ton!".?
Well, I found a 2007 3/4 ton (new) in December 2008 and it sold from underneath me.? I thought that was it...but on 2/14/09 a friend found me another 2007 45 minutes away from my house.? If you think you can get a deal on an 2008, imagine the deal on a 2007!? LOL.? So I am now a proud owner of a brand new:
2007 GMC 3/4 ton (2500HD), standard cab, long bed, white pickup, 6 speed!!!!!!!!!
Thank you ridecamp for motivating me to look around and see if it was even possible for me to upgrade!
I've taken it on 2 short outings to Livermore (I live in Turlcok).? This weekend I'm headed for 20 mule team.? I cannot believe the DIFFERENCE a 3/4 ton makes!? I have a steel 3 horse slant bumper pull with a dresssing room, with way too much crap in it.? My transmission is SO smart and honestly, it's hard to remember that I'm pulling a trailer.? In fact, my biggest problem is wanting to micro manage the truck too much.? I was used to doing EVERYTHING with the half ton (micro manageing the shifting,?pumping the brakes, etc.)?and now I just go down the road and let the truck do it's thing.
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