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RE: [RC] Changes to FEI rules, from an Australian perspective. Part - Leonard.Liesens

Well, Sandy, you probably missed something. Go back a few emails. Don't worry, anyway, this doesn't concern AERC at all.

From: Sandy Adams [mailto:sandydsa@xxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 5:09 PM
To: LIESENS Leonard (COMM)
Cc: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] Changes to FEI rules, from an Australian perspective. Part

I may be missing something here, but I THOUGH Truman was pointing to the degree of impact when change is effected. I would  add that, far LESS important than the actual welfare of the horses and ALSO the general direction of the rank and file AERC riders would be whether or not a horse would be qualified or not for international competition. The concept does not seem to be taking root that AERC was NOT designed to support nor host international competition. FEI, like any other group, ought to be developing its own frame work organization that SUITS its own needs, not piggybacking off of AERC rides. If it costs a single buck for the rest of us to support I-national riding, simply to be able to ride AERC rides, it is unacceptable. ANyone can donate at any time to support those international efforts, and I believe within the confines of good horse mastership and acceptable treatment of the horses (another issue altogether), most everyone admires and supports in spirit the competition and efforts of those riders. That does not mean that our AERC or any of us personally should be compelled to support them financially in order to be a part of AERC. But in the end, MOST of us are not concerning ourselves with whether or not a horse/rider is qualified or not for international rides. A lot of us are pretty much saying ..."huh? I just want to go to a few rides this year and not go broke". I am not clear as to what FEI is supposed to stand firm on. Can someone explain?
On Feb 23, 2009, at 2:16 AM, <Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx> <Leonard.Liesens@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Your reaction is very weird, Truman. In other post would you have a bazooka to point to the FEI, you would use it. And here, you agree... This is not cool, thousands of horses are loosing their qualification, no problem, let's they start all over again. This is not in the interest of the welfare of the horse.

FEI is the body serving the other NF, making possible international competitions. Like FIFA for football. But we also have UEFA(european federation for football), and this could happen as well in equestrian if FEI 'bite the bullet and stand firm'.

Leonard, Belgium


From: Truman Prevatt <tprevatt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Subject: Re: [RC] Changes to FEI rules, from an Australian perspective. Part


The drivers license age went up some time back from 16 y.o. for an

unrestricted license to 18 for an unrestricted license. Who did this

really impact - people from 16 to 18 no one else. Of course there was a

lot of yelling, screaming and gnashing of teeth. Now it's running

smoothly. Any time such a change is made - there will be impacted

people in the transition. I expect in the long run it is a good change

for the FEI and in the best interest of the horses and they will just

have to bite the bullet and stand firm.


Re: Re: [RC] Changes to FEI rules, from an Australian perspective. Part, Leonard.Liesens
Re: [RC] Changes to FEI rules, from an Australian perspective. Part, Sandy Adams