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[RC] Poultice - rnbianchi

I have a horse that must be wrapped after every competition or his legs swell.  I usually ice him first using neoprene ice boots that have pockets for the ice.  Then before I head off for bed I use a clay poultice and wraps.  When I use a clay to poultice after a ride my main objective is to get any residual heat out of the leg and for support to help minimize any swelling.  So, I use wet paper (usually brown paper cut from used shopping bags) to wrap over the clay, then a No Bow quilt and then a regular standing type bandage.  I think the wet paper helps the clay to dry more slowly, perhaps enhancing the cooling and drawing action of the poultice.

The only time I use plastic wrap for legs is if I am trying to sweat them, usually in combo with Furicin (don't know the proper spelling - but it is the ubiquitous yellow ointment found in most barns) to get rid of rain rot.