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[RC] Wrapping and poultice answer - Sheila_Larsen

When I apply a clay poultice this is what I do and I assume you know how to
wrap a leg.  I get the poultice, small bucket of water, handy wipes, wax
paper, leg wraps (i.e.quilts/cottons (whatever you want to use) , and
standing wraps. I tear 5 (just in case something happens to a piece)
piecies of the wax paper in a length that will go around the leg a little
more than once. I wet the leg, dump the handy wipes in the bucket, get my
hands wet because it is easier to get the poultice off my  hands onto the
leg.  I smear about a 1/2 inch of poultice on the leg, wrap the wet handy
wipe around the leg, then put the wax paper around the leg, then the leg
wrap, and then bandage it with the standing wrap.

I think it helps prevent filling although some people will argue with that.
I used to use the green jelly stuff but it does get warm so I don't use
that for after a ride (mmm it has been so long I wonder if it is still
jelly?).  Polo wraps do not provide same firmness/stability of the wrap as
standing wraps but I have used them in a pinch but would not turn a horse
out  with polo wraps..

Wrapping without poulticing probably provides some benefit to prevent
filling.  I use handy wipes rather than brown paper because it is more
convenient and they can be reused once again after that they seem to tear,
they will tear after the first time if you aren't careful about how you
removing them but they are inexpensive.   The wax paper helps protect the
external wraps from the moisture and helps keep moisture in.

One caution about poulticing is that if your horse has any cuts or obvious
scrapes  some people believe that because the poultice isn't sterile it
could cause an infection and that is a reasonable concern.

If the poultice isn't as moist as it could be I add water to it.

I can be a messy process until you have done it a few times and figure out
how to do it, but I usually manage to get clay on my pants, barn floor etc,
but hey then i feel like I have accomplished something.  It also helps that
my horses have learned to stand without moving (at least 98%) of the time.

"For if one link in nature's chain might be lost, another might be lost,
until the whole of things will vanish by piecemeal."
- Thomas Jefferson


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